Thursday, December 10, 2009

My recommendation to Dru going further...

There's an old practice that we real journalists have used in the past. It is called reference checking.

I'm going to give you link. Not because I like you. But because I want to belittle you.

Visit it. Learn it. Love it. A simple check would tell you that Wilson was in fact a volleyball.

But don't enter a page for the Year of the Blog... cause I'll edit the shit out of it until you cry.


another successful Dru sucks blog.

Is Dru still sleeping from his Thanksgiving turkey dinner...

...because the content certainly makes it seem that way.


Whoa whoa whoa... Dru's 25?!

Okay, so Dru made a blog about how he's having a quarter life crisis. This shit surprised me. Dru is 25 years old? 25. Really? He's in his mid-twenties, right in the prime of his life and he doesn't even have enough friends to hang out with so he does this stupid blog thing? I thought dude was 40, at least.

Jeez... I've met a lot of really sad people in my life. A LOT! But never so much like Dru. Dude probably spends hours upon hours sitting in front of his computer thinking of ways to make stupid blogs and doesn't go out with friends probably... um I don't know... EVER!


Dru wishes he were as cool as me. a ripe old age of 28 and with a great life of my own. I only sit down at the computer when I want to read his blogs so that I can mock him to make me feel better. Much much better.

Wilson was a coconut?!


So I've stayed pretty quiet recently about how badly Dru sucks... and I regret it... but unlike Dru I have a life and like 17 girlfriends that I'm constantly taking care of so I don't have time for stupid projects like this one. But two days ago Dru made a blog about Wilson from Castaway, and it was beyond idiotic... I can not go without mentioning this.

He made Wilson a Coconut. And it looked like he did it without irony nor with any idea that Wilson was actually a fucking volleyball! HELLO?! DRU?! Were you born this stupid or did that coconut named "Wilson" for some reason beat your head in?! JESUS!

Just for the record, Dru, since it seems like you have a lot of trouble distinguishing. This is a coconut:

And this is a volleyball:

They look similar to you, Dru? Cause they're entirely different.

And oh. Never take your shirt off again.

I hope at least one of your friends corrected you and that you realize you are dumb... I bet that already happened... I mean I would bet money on it.

Now, time to look for more things to rip you for.